At Artista, we
live and breathe everything chocolate.

Artista Chocolates is the only 100% Belgian-owned company in the market that creates custom chocolate products. We do this using a careful balance between authenticity and creative novelty.

Our strength? Combining an extensive industry know-how and a personal approach to design mouth-watering treats for a wide range of B2B businesses. From luxury pralines for global hospitality brands, right down to the chocolate bars in your preferred local supermarket chain; you have undoubtedly already tasted OEM and Private Label Artista products.

Chocolate makes the world go round


tonnes of chocolate produced annually


production lines


guaranteed 100% sustainable chocolate


employees guaranteeing full flow quality control

360° Personalised Innovation

70% of the products Artista carries today, did not exist 5 years ago. This agile development grew from our 360° personalised innovation approach and makes our chocolates:

entirely designed to your needs, time and time again
100% exclusive, which means we don’t share your customised recipe with others
sustainably and consciously sourced through a traceable supply chain
locally developed, produced, packaged, and shipped by a team of 50 dedicated experts

Nothing is impossible and at Artista, we like a challenge. So, pick your flavour, sit back and let the taste of creative innovation melt on your tongue.